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Last First Graduation Year Dissertation Advisor(s)
Vanderbrug Gordon 1977 Linear feature detection and mapping Azriel Rosenfeld
Carmichael Arthur 1976 Semantic classification of features of programming languages Victor Basili
Davis Larry 1976 Shape representation and matching Azriel Rosenfeld
Kulkarni Ashok 1976 Optional and heuristic synthesis of hierarchical classifiers Laveen Kanal
Lemmer John 1976 Algorithms for incompletely specified distributions in a generalized graph model for medical diagnosis Laveen Kanal
McSkimin James 1976 Techniques for Employing Semantic Information in Question-Answering Systems
Nagel Roger 1976 Computer detection of freehand forgeries Azriel Rosenfeld
Turner Albert 1976 Iterative enhancement:! practical technique for software development Victor Basili
Wilson Gerald 1976 A Description and Analysis of the PAR Technique - An Approach to Parallel Inference and Parallel Search in Problem Solving Systems Hendler
Rauscher Tomlinson 1975 Dynamic Problem Oriented Redefinition of Computer Architecture via Microprogramming Ashok Agrawala
Yeh Jeffry 1975 Modelling of concurrent control structures and parallel processing Marvin Zelkowitz
Cook Craig 1974 Grammatical inference by heuristic search. Azriel Rosenfeld
Fishman Daniel 1973 Experiments with a Resolution-Based Deductive Question-Answering System and a Proposed Clause Representation for Parallel Search
Milgram David 1973 Web automata Azriel Rosenfeld